5 days to HK concerts

Though he looks vry shuai, dun really like this pose but the article quite good. Previously it rained in Shanghai concert & he lost his voice in Nanjing concert but David felt that HK concerts should be safe. He hoped to meet his other half in the nxt 2 yrs as he doesn't wanna remain single forever. Heard that Leon Lai got married & he is 42 so there is hope for David ^__^ Regarding his earlier bad press, David said he got over it & just looking forward to his work and life plans. He wanna live happily but he also felt that it is vry difficult for an artiste to maintain a good image & still live naturally. It is important to find a balance. Paco of Gold Label has a blog here & can watch 2 vids of his interview with David. For the HK concerts, David has specially prepared a medley that is dance music from 60s, 70s & 80s but he will not be dancing *thank god :p* Paco said he has some suggestions for the concerts & I think he wanted David to invite Justin Lo as guest cos Paco is always trying to promote his other stars in Gold Label. He is the ultimate promoter after all. Which was why I think during the press conference, David brought up Justin's name when talking abt guests saying although he admire Justin's talents but he will not invite him as guest. So now can understand the kind of pressure David is under sometime but I think he manage to cope with them pretty well.
(Paco blog link info courtesy & thanks to davidtaohk.com)


celinewong said...

hehehe yeah i read abt Leon Lai getting hitched too! galie is a babe.. i wonder who is de lucky girl who would be DT other half. could it kewei? hahaha!

Zhao said...

Hi Celine, Kewei much too young, almost 20 yrs diff. Can be a bit disgusting sry to say. Yanzi a better choice if he wanna marry a Singaporean :P

celinewong said...

huh no way.. Kewei is not dat young dear..She's already 25 if i'm not mistaken :) so 39-25 = it's only 14 years diff :P