DT Beijing stand

David staged a successful 3/1 concert in Beijing for which he gave 90% giving himself 10% for improvement. He said that his voice was his best during the series of 123 Wooden Men concerts. The highlight was the 12-min rock medley where he covered songs from Cui Jian, La Dayou, Beatles & Led Zeppelin's A whole Lot of Love. Below is brief coverage on crienglish.com:
David Tao Rocks Beijing
2008-03-02 16:48:54 CRIENGLISH.com
Singer David Tao performed his "We Are All Wooden Men" concert in front of a jam-packed audience of 10,000 fans at Capital Indoor Stadium in Beijing on Saturday.
The elaborate stage sets and lighting were the highlights of the concert. Tao sang mostly his old songs, but they were remixed to sound like new.
Although David Tao is called the R& B Godfather, his rock songs infused with Beijing dialect won applause and screams from local fans. A 12-minute song Tao brought exclusively for his Beijing fans combined Chinese and foreign classical songs such as Cui Jian's "I Have Nothing," influential Taiwanese singer-songwriter Duo Dayou's "Lukang, the Little Town" and Leon's "Hey Judy."
At the end of the concert, the fans stood up and sang along with Tao. The concert closed with Tao's classic song "I Love You."

I think they meant Beatles' Hey Jude ^__^
Of cos no one recognise Led Zeppelin but it must have been great! Hopefully next time he will sing my fav Stairway to Heaven. Apparently supergirl Zhou Bichang attended & also the great Cui Jian himself!!!!! What a honor for David, hope he wasn't too nervous singing his song. But even the media was surprised that the singer labelled as 'godfather of r&b' could sing rock songs just as good as Cui Jian. Our Dave did us proud again heehee
Some viewing pleasure here where he sang a marvellous electronic remix of Ghost & ended with 1 of the best rock songs he wrote for A-mei in 1999 - 爱什么稀罕. Listen to A-mei's original version here. Below is youtube vid of Regular Friends, this was taken from quite a distance but note the clarity of his voice. He was not kidding when he said his voice at his best that nite *__*:

Finally quite lengthy after concert interview where he was still amazingly, endearingly energetic.


Anonymous said...

just wondering if u can really view the videos on sina, sohu, sogue?

they don't seem load at all...thanks...

Zhao said...

Usually dun have problem with Sina but the others can be slow loading. Of cos helps if u have fast connection but anyway hope u r able to watch :)