9 days to HK concerts

Talking abt his beloved cars, DT has 9 at the moment. His fav is not the most expensive but one with the best character - 1968 Ford Mustang. He also has a white Porsche & abt a month ago he chose this car when he took part in a car race in LA. He felt that cars are similar to women. Like a Ferrari is vry expensive & highclass but can cause one to have an accident if you are not careful. Just like a highclass woman will lose her temper if you don't treat her well *sigh* He can be vry juvenile when talking abt cars at times >"< However talking abt guitars, he shows his mature side as in this tvb clip where he explained abt how different guitar can produce different music. How can I not love to death a man who handles both cars & guitars with such expertise? ^__^ His fans presented him some strange gifts & he rewarded them by playing & singing marvellous version of Van Morrison's Crazy Love on piano. Now I wanna hear him sing Moondance haha
(TVB clip link courtesy & thanks to davidtaohk.com)

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