12 days to HK concerts

Vry nice pix of our Dave in HK. Its funny he always looks more relaxed & carefree in his HK pixs. Here's the article courtesy of Annie in HK who posted @ DT forum. Basically he talks abt the same thing - no guest, no dancing, no elaborate costumes in his concerts & his movie plan in latter half of the yr. He also will not sing a Cantonese song. Actually dun understand why Mandarin singers like to sing a Cantonese song during their HK concerts? What's the point? They usually sing it badly but the audience although bored will pretend to be charmed & delighted. Might as well use the time to sing a song the audience really wanna hear.
Found this blog with some interesting DT concert pixs. Most of it long range & really show off the amazing concert lights. David had said many times he is most satisfied with the concert lighting & how it really went with his music. Post a few here just in case ppl are unable to see @ that blog so all credit to the photographer. This is supposedly Bibi sina blog where she posted some DT concert pixs as well. She has given herself the deadline of 2010 before she staged her 1st concert which I thought was extremely realistic. Most new singers will rush to stage their 1st concert without enough preparation. Like what David said if one is unable to get good ticket sales without the attraction of special guests then must as well not have a concert. In today's market one must really try to be realistic. Even AI Kelly Clarkson had to swallow her pride & downsize to smaller venues when ticket sales are poor. And of cos Rain & his disastrous US tour. Although many reasons were cited for cancellation including case courts being thrown abt but up to now nobody has sued. Usually the most compelling reason for cancelling a concert is poor ticket sales. I am wondering if that's the reason David decided not to have LA concert. Of cos he can have a small concert like most Asian singers but I think he will rather stage a proper concert than just a showcase. Factoring in the cost of flying in his band, sound & lighting equipment with no sponsorship, it will be really unrealistic.
Finally closeup of his tee during concert rehearsal so can see it displays 'Delay No More' ^__^ That's another thing I admire abt him. The ability to take potshots at his own faults. Of cos the best way to rectify one's fault is first to acknowledge it rite?

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