3 days to HK concerts

Can really see the Tao resemblance ^__^ David has been a 乖寶寶 (good bb) & stayed indoor for almost 3 mths to avoid getting into more trouble with drinking. As a result, his cooking skills has improved. With advanced technology, David can get easily get work done online & so he is nvr without his laptop & ipod. Even though he hates being photographed but he likes to take pixs of street scenes for inspiration. So happy he is making the effort & hope he will get rewarded with his movie dream soon. But first his company insists he must release his studio album this year. Saw some news abt Yanzi where she said she was learning how to ride a bike to sing a song but refused to say anymore when asked. Seems that she will be filming a movie latter half of this yr. A bit coincidental? Anyway as I said before, if they are fated to work together they will & if not, then maybe next time ^__^


Anonymous said...

I hope he'll do a movie with visual feast just like 'Across the Universe'~ I've never like the Beatle's song more! [the bono part was blahhh~ but the rest of the cast was awesome]


celinewong said...

heheh so am i smelling something going on for yanzi and DT ? but you know personally i like kewei's looks more.. :p :p but oh well.. if age matters..:P