More DT@Coliseum

Back again to post some more cutie pixs. Luv his expressions in these concerts. Back to his old trick of inviting female fan to serenade ^__^ This time it was a Japanese fan who didn't know how to sing his song but had no qualms abt touching him. Oh dear Celine, here's yr rival haha cos he even kissed her on the forehead *gasp*
Media reports mostly centred on his interaction with his sexy dancers but for sure it's only a few songs & mostly he just sang his heart out. For sure he was not as bold as Eason Chan *__* Mixed fan reactions where though many said he was awesome live, others said he sounded like he had a cold & was not at his best. Listened to below clips & taking into consideration these are handheld, I would say there is no problem with his voice. Amazing clarity, awesome projection & a range to die for. Just adore the new arrangement for Moon over my heart & Regular Friends. Btw big shoutout to Kheng Long here as he should be partly responsible for the new arrangements as well. Concert wrapup & backstage interview clip courtesy of Sina.
Here he interact with his fans & apparently he was so surprised by a high-pitched female fan that he forgot lyrics to Rain. David also teased his TW fans that they should be back home voting not attending concert. Wow looked like it was 2 nites of fun-filled concerts. Hope tonite is the bestest of them all!


celinewong said...

wow! he kissed her forehead ?!?! she's so lucky!!!?! heheheheh.. i think she can't sleep already!!!

Anonymous said...


Have you seen these pictures?

Jimmy's phonography has posted a lot of amazing pictures from DT concerts in HK. Million thanks for sharing.

celinewong said...

wow! yeah great pix over there and wow..!!! DT really hug her so close.. http://forev.net/media_cache/611119_g226h1_600_q96.jpg :P :PHAHAHHAHAHA.... where is the pix where he kissed her forehead?? so "lum" meh..?? ish! heheheh and look at the fans..there's orange and pink groupie!! strong team! :) zhaodi.. did u go and watch? where are u from girl?

celinewong said...


wow!! how come no barriers!?!?!?! somehow i think they changed de stage settings over there? wow! i wish i am at the first row watching!!!!!!!!!!! :P i miss DT all of a sudden!

Zhao said...

Thanks anon for yr pix link & yeah the pixs are just wonderful. Hey Celine, miss DT too. Hope he will have another concert in KL this yr & you will be picked again to sing with him. Maybe he will 'smooch' you too heehee