A Valentine rose for David!

Vry special Valentine rose for David which is not red, white or pink. Hope you can find your rose whatever color & live happily with her for the rest of your natural life. But in the meantime you have us, your loyal fans, to stay by your side so you will nvr be lonely.
I expect David will spend Valentine in LA with Lucky, his beloved dog which he said belong only to him. Hopefully he get lotsa rest as he seemed to have recorded quite a lot of programs for the New Year break.
He went on Azio wif Patty Hou again, but dis time with his dad, & they sang in harmony which was vry nice. Then played charade & both of them sucked heehee but maybe better at english than chinese.

Then MTV where he talked abt The Great Leap & introduced 5 mvs - Who do you love?, Susan says, Ghost, The art of war & What's Love. The art of war looks interesting wif special effects & David jumped & somersaulted in a harness. The 12 Girls Band oso made an appearance. Then they showed few mins of What's love mv which is really lighthearted with David strumming guitar wif 2 young girls, 1 dressed in black & 1 in white. David looked really good, vry carefree & young.

Then he went on TVBS to play Monopoly with the 2 hosts. It was hilarious & David really showed his playful, mischevious side. Not only dat but he wore a checked shirt (same as in Azio) & looked incredibly hot (plse wear more checked shirts). First he sang sad version of CNY song, nvr knew this song can sound so nice. Then he looked so adorable throwing the big dice. They made him do pole dance & he managed to look both sexy & mischevious. Finally the two hosts had to enact kissing scene in Who do you love & David directed them. He kept laughing so much but the 3 of them really sporting.
If u wanna watch Azio & TVBS shows, I think bt links available @ davidcn.com. Get the TVBS one as its really hilarious & u see a side of David seldom seen. Nvr believe dat he is alredi 35 as he looked & acted like 25. Btw was watching Keanu Reeves & he said he is 40!!!!!!!! OMG he looked even more yummy than he was in Speed. I think sum guys just looked better & younger when they get older.
Anyway Happy Valentine to everyone out there. As special Valentine gift, haf upload Who do u love & Susan says mv in my briefcase if u still haven't seen them by now, details @ blog forum.
U know like to believe David made all these excuses to go back to LA like miss his dog, his house, cars, etc, when the real reason is he want to spend Valentine with sumone special! I really think he is a romantic guy at heart heehee. Btw SHE was funny when they appeared on Patty vs David, esp Ella when she asked if she haf chance to be his gf & David jokingly said no.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Zhaodi, Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Valentine Day to you, wish you had wonderful time. Thank you for the wonderful update on DT - gosh your sentence on DT " sexy and mischiveous..." made me drool to watch the programm. And DT success in real estate is really really new knowledge for me !!!.

I got "Great Leap" album and CD bonus the weekend b4 CNY ! And surprisingly see his Susan MV on Phoenix yest. midnite !!!.
I definitely love : Susan, who do you love,.... Is the lyrics/english translation available somewhere ?
(gosh, I haven't manage to get into davidtao.com yet, arrrrr)

beach gurl