Story with a moral

Alrite u asked for it mmax for sending me he got 10 platinum records compared to David's one email. Oso when I said they were not rivals, I meant in music not album sales.
Ok, going to tell u a story abt King Solomon, 2 women and a baby. Both women claimed the baby was hers, so King Solomon suggested cutting the baby into half to share. One woman agreed and was pleased the other woman will not get the baby alive. The other woman at once cried out dat she will give up the baby, only plse dun kill it, and so revealed herself to be the real mother. A very simple story abt justice, right and wrong.
I am alot like David who believes right is right and wrong is wrong, & I get real annoyed when someone is doing wrong to someone else for no other reason than he dun want dat someone else to have the 'baby'.
Ok he alredi released his album & got his No 1, sales, awards, concerts, etc, but he is not satisfied. So he cynically released his live concert cd on the SAME DAY as the singer/composer he is always compared to. It dun matter when he released his live cd as it will not affect sales nor his income as the concerts has alredi earned him a bundle. So the only reason he released the live cd is to create an impact on the other singer/composer, to steal his thunder so he will not be able to have the baby (No 1 status). & for good measure, he even released his live concert vcd & dvd around the same time.
But the singer/composer actually did quite well so what did he do? He got the caucasian head of the record company he hasn't even signed a contract with to award him a TEN platinum records plaque in front of an international press. So does dat mean he sold in excess of a million for 10 albums, or 10 million albums, & for which record co? Sony, hah, wouldn't even touch him wif a 10m pole. Then he claimed to sell a million but would dat be the combined sales of his live cd, vcd & dvd?
Its all so deliberate & cyncial just to claim the No 1 spot, the 'baby'. Oso plse dun whine & tell me dat it not his fault, not his doing but his co. He is 26, a superstar, cocky & u want me to believe he will be forced to do sumthing he is not willing to do.
David has never wanted to be No 1, of course he wants his album to do well but its nvr for the status but dat his music is still being appreciated. He has said dat a 'healthy' market' should be able to accommdate all kinda albums. In fact he would rather lose the 'baby', the No 1 status, and haf a healthy market dat is fair to consumers than killed it with the sort of unethical, underhanded methods practised by other singers. So David is the real deal by King Solomon standards & mine.
Just treat it as a fairytale with a moral.
On a happier note review of The Great Leap 2005 posted @ forum.


'z1 said...

Whoa I didn't know the Live album was released on the same day. Just to let you know something interesting... it really doesn't matter that he did that on purpose because people who enjoy music would buy both. My friend bought both too, but he bought The Great Leap album first. heehee =P

Zhao said...

Hi hi 'zl, yeah but that's my point, ppl will buy both, it dun matter, but yeah I haf 2 many J fans around me at the moment which is vry annoying so I post dis to annoy them back kekekekkekekekkekekekke. Happy New Year to you, & hope to see u posting more often k.

zoe said...

lol~ I got pissed that MTV asia award doesn't appreciated David as much as Jay coz it's the only opportunity to see foreign musician performance seen on free TV here XD

my CD havn't arrive yet.. a week already.. I give up.. I think the post office lost my package ;_; maybe I'll have to d/l with WinMX for more songs... *sniff* I wanna support David but it's too hard to get the real thing here~ >__< [plus its triple expensive] dang~ I wish I live some where else~

dav10_714 said...

Hey, happy chinese new year to all.
There's something I want to say about Jay Chou's live cd. I heard a couple of songs from this album accidentally as they were aired over the radio. I think there's nothing interesting about these songs. I feel like he's singing karaoke rather than performing in a concert. Well, I'm not going to start comparing David's awesome Soul Power tour with his concert. Afterall, Jay Chou is "incomparable" right? Hah! This guy has a lot of guts to name his concert "incomparable". Well, we know how to decide what is good and what is bad. There's certainly nothing to argue about. Just keep defending David, his great and sincere music. I'm doing that all the time when people talk bad about him and I'm not yet tired of it. In fact, talking about David had made me grown older-mentally, of course.

Zhao said...

So sry for u zoe but upload Who do u love & Susan says mv in my briefcase if u haven't seen them yet. I am sure yr cd will arrive soon, just hang in there cos its really worth it.

Hello dav10_714, yeah nothing to say abt Jay's performance cos I alredi trained my ears to stop listening >)< sry just joking. But I dun care if he think he is 'incomparable' so long as he stopped trying to upstage David, its so unnecessary. I remembered when he won one of his numerous meaningless awards over David, & he said, "Those who said that winning awards don't matter are just farting" & its quite obvious who he was refering to cos David had been reported as saying winning awards dun matter to him. And the media hardly blinked an eye, but imagine if David will to say something like that, it will be all over the news. I cannot stand such double standards so I will keep defending David even if they will to try & close my blog down cos I hate such behavior.

'z1 said...

yes zhaodi! will post more often now there's so much to talk about. =)

where's zoe from? why is it so hard? btw, i watched Jay's performance in mtv asia aid. I thought it was quite unexciting. He just sat there, played the piano and sang. AND, he couldn't even reach some of his high notes. not that a great perf. + to see his grumpy face... he never smiles!

zoe said...

yeah~ it's been a week & 3 days already~ shouldn't take this long.. last time i order my CD it less than 5 days ;_;

oh~ I'm from Thailand so I order online from Yesasia.. it work for me the last 2 times [order Ultrasound CD & DVD] now I dunno why it doesn't arrive yet since they already receive my money & mail me that they have sent the package last Monday.. :sniff:

Yeah~ Jay sang 2 songs at MTV that doesn't skip a heart beat for me.. so lame :P dunno why there so many Thai supporters >_< [kept saying coz they don't know David~!!!]