Okie missred, as promised the Abercrombie post although its so yesterday (2002) & also while I agree that A&F promotes an all exclusive white, blond blue-eyed image, its their selling point & u dun haf to get suck into it but apparently a lot of Asians do which kinda troubling. Ralph Lauren also promotes this kinda exclusive blond, all american 'gentile' image but its ok cos he is Jewish so go figure.
Anyway here r the offensive tees & website calling on Asians to boycott A&F which dun seemed to be working cos heaps of them r still wearing them like Lee Hom haha

Ok my point is he called his album 'chinked' cos he said its kinda like the African Americans calling themselves the n word. Its all abt chinese pride & yet he wore a shirt manufactured by a company that made these kinda tees, promote exclusively 'white' image (as well as child pornography) & has been sued for hiring 'white only' staff. Hey he lived in the US & should be more aware & sensitive of these things. Actually I am not against A&F marketing strategy but as an Asian proud of my heritage, I certainly will not wear their stuff. But dun worry Lee Hom, I still love u & yr recent album rocks, esp Astrology!

Well, back to David who I hope dun have Abercrombie stuff in his wardrobe cos if he has, then his recent diatribe sounded really, really stupid. Also he seemed to have stop wearing so much Adidas but have a liking for tees with suggestive slogans like Playboy Squared & Italian Stallion. Really, really weird! And all the accessories he is wearing??????? What happened to his simple classy gold chain? Anyway whatever, I am happy so long as he dun wear Abercrombie heehee.
David has a heavy schedule next couple of weeks going to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanchang, Hong Kong & Malaysia for promos. Look like Singapore not included & can understand why cos David is not so popular here. Plse dun yell @ me cos its the honest truth. Although his albums sell well, seldom reach No 1 status & his songs dun stay on the chart for vry long. F4, Energy, 5566, SHE, Stefanie & Jay r idolised the most here. But plse dun stressed abt it, as I said b4 DT fans r a rare breed so we should be proud we have such good taste.


Anonymous said...

what you said is very true. but it also points at the lameness of asian people in general and it makes it really easy for us to say that we deserve everything we have coming to us.

Zhao said...

oh dear I wouldn't put it like that, think its cos most ppl dun read or watch world news a lot & dun haf understanding of what really happening in the world. Also news r so slanted now u need to listen & watch carefully, actually like what DT said.