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Just to clarify David did not say Maggie Cheung is 'stupid' but using Nazi symbols in fashion is 'stupid'. Anyway dis quite long ago, think way back in 2003 so dun understand why he is talking abt it now, but again it could be just media sensationalizing like the Elton John episode *sigh* But dis kinda reminds me of Lee Hom wearing Abercrombie shirt in his mv, just wonder why Asians like Abercrombie stuff so much. Don't they know anything abt this brand & how they promote the ideal Aryan image? Not to mention those 'two wongs don't make a white' tees? Not trying to criticise Lee Hom or anything, but on the one hand his album is 'Chinked Out' & on the other he is wearing Abercrombie, sumthing not quite rite.
Anyway sum more David news update - he flew back to LA on Monday after spending CNY with his parent in Shanghai. He promised to attend a friend's wedding & even sang When I fall in love for them. He said that this song has special meaning as when he was 17, a girl sang & recorded this song as a gift for him, she later became his first love. So romantic! Actually when I heard Love Can, was wondering if he was writing abt first love as it has an innocent feel to it.
Oso watched another episode of the program hosted by 5566 as David was guest once again (why? why?) altho wasn't as bad as the other time & David was quite sporting but can see his heart wasn't into it. They got him to write calligraphy again *sigh* & he managed to write a few chinese characters. One of the 5566 hosts said to write properly cos 'young kids' r watching which revealed the target audience for this show. Later they played game where had to guess his songs fast forwarded, slowed down & remixed. David guessed correctly for all except Let's fall in love which they all mistaken for Shanghaied. Funny thing is both hosts guessed a couple of songs correctly - Ghost, Melody & Rain - revealing that they actually knew his songs. One of them even sang lyrics of Rain correctly & David teased him & gave him chance to be guest at his concert. David oso said quite possible he will have another concert in Taiwan end of the year.
Then he went on Small S & Xiao Chu's program for a mini concert. Xiao Chu sang Blue Moon & didn't do too badly altho David had to pitch in at the end. Small S sang Small Town Girl & it was ok. David sang few lines of Who do you love, medley of I Love You & Everything's Gone. Then he did a DT version of Beatles's Yesterday which was so nice, wish he sang the whole song. David played the keyboard for all the songs & it was so good.
Kinda unavoidable David had to attend so many silly programs just to publicise The Great Leap cos unfortunately its the norm for chinese entertainment. Still he really was vry sporting & patient, nvr losing his cool & always polite & nice. He's alredi on his way back to Taiwan to start his second round of promotion, but hopefully dun have to attend too many programs. I mean its nice to see him & all but could be too trivial for him.
I feel sumwhat sad when he kept stressing that he will nvr betray music or his fans. In his 1 of his msgs he was a bit upset & puzzled ppl said The Great Leap is 'commercial'. I find it strange too but after reading sum comments, I think its prolly cos nowadays albums r so overproduced, each trying to outdo in quirky arrangement & layering in the effort to sound 'different' & 'outstanding'. Cos The Great Leap has vry little of this, it is regarded as not innovative enough & thus 'commercial' & 'pop' appealing to ppl who cannot appreciate the kind of 'quirky' music that is now so mainstream. Yeah, sound kinda ironic.
Its true that David used to be leading exponent of this kinda quirky music but as he said in his msg, he feel that music should go back to being simple & I am glad dat he did cos The Great Leap may not featured great outstanding songs but I am alredi tired of music that tries too hard. Sumtimes all u want is a bunch of musicians getting together to produce what they want to do, not what the market demand. Its like Ray Charles' Genius Loves Company which won big at the Grammies. Of cos its not Ray's most outstanding album & yes some of the duets did not come off rite but this is what music is all abt, ppl jamming their hearts out.
Its not always abt music sounding cool, innovative, quirky. Its not abt wanting to be different & wearing swastika cos its cool (David is rite as usual, wearing symbols that reeks of killing ppl for no other reason than their race is nvr cool no matter what). So yeah, David go on, keep on travelling the route you map for yourself. I may not quite understand it all, but I will always support you.
He looked so serious but cute here.

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