David's 1st post

David posted his 1st msg @ DT forum, its so touching & made me so happy. He also appeared in a few programs to talk abt his visit to Hua Lian for Worldvision Taiwan. They showed clips of his visit where he looked really happy & relaxed. But also slightly haggard as he had some stomach problem when flying from LA.
Read really nice album review @ DFTC forum & the reviewer said that he felt David revealed more loneliness everytime he appeared & also Season of Loneliness was a surprising song for David. I guess what the reviewer meant was David is not the sort of person one think of as lonely. Also he is always so talkative ppl tend to take him for a sociable person. But I don't know cos I think if you look at his eyes even when he is busily talking, they show a certain wariness. I don't think he likes being on air & so he talks glibly just to hide his discomfort. But sometimes he can look suddenly so vulnerable that you want to reach out & hug him. The reviewer also said that even though David kept saying he is 'middle aged', his songs like Fated & The art of war revealed an innocent, childlike side.
Still I do love to see him talking away, he has this really sweet expression when he is being expressive, or I am just carried away as a fangirl haha. Like he went on TVBS and talked so much he forgot why he was there, then the host has to remind him to mention his new Love Can mv. The other program with Patty Hou, he was more serious & Patty talked even more than him. He didn't mention his mv or album either, maybe he just figured if ppl want to buy the album, they buy it anyway, if they dun, well nothing he can do abt it. I love it when he is this blase abt promoting his album.
His 2nd round of promo should include mainland China & think there's mention @ davidcn abt sum activity in Guangzhou. Also he is scheduled to be in Malaysia in March. So more travelling for David, hope he dun get sick again. At the moment it seemed that his China concerts are scheduled for June & he did mentioned another concert in Taiwan towards end of the year. No mention yet of concerts in other parts of Asia or US or any other part of the world. Even though his name kept popping up in strange places like this vry cool page showing Ghost clip, or this

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