Listen without prejudice

David distributing red packets to kids for Worldvision Taiwan in Hua Lian, dun he look cute in his beret <3 <3 <3
I have changed my blog to something more serious & simple. Those still using 800x600 resolution will not be able to see the sidebar, must scroll down, sry abt that. I feel this blog is more able to express my thoughts about David and his journey in music. I dun know, just have the feeling that David will be bigger soon internationally and if more ppl come to this blog, I want to be able to let them see the best side of David. Btw comments now has popup window, so plse comment away.
He is just so special in Chinese music and there is no one else like him. I think I am a pretty fair person and I will not be blinded by devotion to my idol. If David will to do something that is not reasonable, I will be the first to point it out. Like for instance I think he is extremely coy & smug about his relationships which annoy me intensely. He seems to think he is extremely attractive to girls which he is to a certain extent, but I really don't think he is as attractive as say Lee Hom or Jerry Yan. Of cos only my opinion, you can disagree. But I really honestly dun think he will make a very good bf which could be why he is still single.
But musically, he is just the opposite. He is serious, sincere, focused, talented and just the very best. You can compare him if u like to Jay, Lee Hom, Wu Bai, JJ Lin, Anson Hu, etc, and I will say none of them come close. Yes, you can point to the statistics in votes, in internet searches, in music charts, in sales and say who is the most popular, whose song is most voted, whose album sell more, etc. But no matter what music is not a commodity and it cannot be judged by these methods.
Currently he is one of the few singer/composer whose songs has been covered frequently by other singers. His version of Spring Wind and Tuberose has been sang in concerts by Japanese singers who cannot even speak chinese. Of course Korean singer Cho Kyu Chan covered Melody and Airport in 10.30 in his albums. It is obviously harder to impress your peers than your fans. The songs he has written & produced for others are always solid not frivolously aiming to be hits. He will never betray music not even for others.

With The Great Leap 2005 I feel he has finally broken free from the rat pack of singers he has always been associated with. He is no longer playing with music but playing music. See the difference. Also he now has the confidence to bring together a bunch of great musician and work with them. The musicians on The Great Leap came from Singapore, Taiwan, America and China. Not only that but he sang a song written by an unknown Chinese composer as well as one by a well known American hymn composer.
I guess a lot of ppl dun know what to make of The Great Leap. Is it a change in music direction or is David repeating himself because there is really no change in music direction? There is a great change, but you need to listen without prejudice. If you listen to The Great Leap with a pre-misconception of what good music should sound like, then you are likely to be disappointed. Actually music should always sound this good.


Anonymous said...

sorry.don't mean to be hurtful.but i guess you can't really say his version of spring wind and tuberose has been covered my jap singers who don't know how to speak chinese.basically cos these 2 are really old well-known chinese songs..so..maybe it's not david's version? but just 2 popular songs?
hope u don't mind this comment!
anyway..keep up the good work! =] love reading u writing about david!

Zhao said...

No, those 2 Japanese singers covered David's version of Spring Wind and Tuberose. It has been reported many times in the Chinese media, the female Japanese singer who sang Spring Wind has long been a fan of David. The male Japanese singer listened to both Teresa Deng's & David's version of Tuberose and felt that David's version was more suitable for him to sing. I don't say these things unless I researched them, but thanx for your comments anyway.

zoe said...

hey~ I just got my CD~!!! how happy XD eventho I already d/l some songs already [can't wait] but yeah~ I guess he's more comfortable in his music than before & I must say that after listen through from track 1 - 13 non-stop I just got this feelin' "Waiiiii~ it's over already? how come? I want more David's new song~!!!!! lol~ it's hard finding music album that u can listen without a pause thesedays XD

Keep on rockin' David~!!! & u too~ Zhoadi :huggle:

Zhao said...

so glad u got yr cd Zoe, which songs do u like most? Did u get the avcd as well? What yr brother, does he like it too?

Lynn said...

hi hi... while i agree that David, unlike others, does not aim to write songs just for the sake of making them into 'hits', his early starting works were very much pop songs that did aim to be hits. He was a very different person back then. I suppose most artistes start out with the norm and then grow up writing more serious songs. Of course, this doesn not apply to everyone. Some people never break out of their cocoon. U know who I'm talking about, don't u?

Zhao said...

Hi Lynn, yeah agreed wif u David is vry special & unique. I hope he keep improving & agreed with Zoe, The Great Leap is much too short lol.

zoe said...

yeah~ I just lend my CD to my bro & yup! I got my AVCD~<3 ahhhh wish there was a DVD for all his MV~!!! coz his recents MV r totally gorgeous~ I send a link of 'Susan Said MV' to my bro & he said instantly 'u gotta get this song~!!' so sure he likes David songs [complaint alil' that he couldn't understand Chinese songs much coz he's been listen to Jap songs way too much lately]

my fav? ~ at first I thought 'Who do you love' was quite plain but after listen to it several times I think it stuck into my head now lol~such a sweet song <3
Catherine wasn't as bad as I thought [coz someone says its the least fav] I still like his ver. alot~!
'2 night' was pure sexeh~!! gimme sexeh David anytime XD
the rest r so pleasurable to listen to esp. Love can, The art of war, Fated, Sula & Lampa [I still dunno what it is?] coz they r so upbeat XD
track 13 is such a nice closure~!!!

so I can't say which songs is my most fav coz I luff all the songs.. maybe 'ghost' is alil' out of track compare to other songs in the album, but listen separately make the best impression~ [can't watch the MV too long, I'm not really a horror-lover]

now I'm totally obsessive again~!! any hope for someone who can translate the songs in Eng?

Zhao said...

so glad u love the album zoe, yeah, hoping to find sum eng translation esp for The art of war. David post 1st mg @ forum, hope u reply zoe k!