If you don't know David by now

Hey english speaking fans its time to rally & get yr voice heard kekekekekekekekekeke, yeah kinda frustrating u guys r so inactive, dun hurt to post sumthing u seen or heard to share wif others. Anyway tangerine slice has sumthing to say & I think its great, go tangerine slice! Yeah so if sumone can plse post the whole review so we can then post both @ dt forum so maybe he will see & know that we english speaking fans r just as active & passionate abt his music. If David take the trouble to build a website, I think u should at least let him know u support his music & care what others think abt him.
Like there was a vry spurious news report dat he insulted Elton John, Simply Red & Eagles in a radio interview. Actually he was just being funny, imitating Elton's voice & then later saying that the Taiwanese media can be a bit too much. So he never did insulted Elton. Anyway he loved the works of all these musicans especially Mick Hucknall's memorable 'If you don't know me by now' from their It's only love album. Can go 2 their website to listen. Oso how can anyone believe David will insult such an American legend as The Eagles, btw there's fabulous live vid of Hotel California on their website. So there u go, the more I write abt David, the more I discovered.
Anyway rambling again, but alredi lotsa chinese fans haf posted to protest dis untrue report. Cos always I read english remarks abt David being arrogant & bigheaded & other untrue things abt him, & all it takes is just one untrue report being repeatedly posted 4 ppl to think dat its true. I haf seen many live interviews & David was always polite & tried to answer all the questions. He haf nvr directly made comments on Jay, other singers, GMA, the chinese entertainment unless asked. Usually he just talked abt his music & his goals. The chinese media just like to ask these questions so they can write dat he made these comments.

But not all media r like dat fortunately, sum r like Rick, dj @ Joy FM & his comments on David:
I first met and interviewed David Tao in 2000. I remember how articulate he was about music; as a songwriter, performer, and producer. From that meeting we managed to stay in touch by email for the past few years. So, it was a treat to meet him and interview him again in January. Catching up with him after a few years made an interview easy to do. I walked into the room and was greeted with "Rick!" and we spoke of some personal things. He looked good, refreshed and alert and ready for the interview. It was in the same hotel room that I had interviewed Tension a month before, a group that David produces. Then we turned on the recorder and began the interview. Of course, we spoke about his new album and what we could expect on it. He spoke about what inspired a few of the songs and what was behind the new album. He also spoke of his plans as a performer and that he does plan on holding concerts in China to support the new album. He promised to make more time on his next visit for dinner and basic "hanging out." The interview can be heard on Joy FM.
Oso u can vote for David & request his songs @ hkvpradio.com, at least u can be proactive & make sure others know dat his music if not as popular as others, still being appreciated. Oso there so little reviews @ Yesasia, if u bought his album & love it, let others know so they can go & buy it. Good music must be shared. As David said many times - without his fans, there will be NO David Tao. David not like sum singer who will do anything to be No 1 including releasing live cd on the same day to steal his thunder, claimed to sell 1 million to offset his 900,000, haf ten platinum records presented to offset David's 1 platinum record *roll eyes* Basically if u r so incomparable u will not be changing record cos so often or sue a puny magazine for saying yr American concerts did not sellout as reported. And if u r his fan, u can leave abuse if u like on my shoutbox, but understand u can fool most ppl sum of the times & u can fool sum ppl most of the times but cannot fool everyone all the time.

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