Following DT

So glad to see DT has more than 600 followers now & yeah I think most of us join Twitter just to follow him. Quite a few familiar fans amongst the followers & it's just great to know we all have been following him for quite some time ^__^ He said to post photos as he want to know who's he is talking to. Also I think it's also nice to post location so he will know that he has fans from all over the world. So where's the Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Japan representing huh? You can ask him questions you know cos he WILL answer them. I am surprised no one has asked the release date of his new album or maybe we're just so used to waiting for him to surprise us. I find it's amazing that his chinese typing has improved vastly hehe
Anyway like DT I should go to bed so here's a nice vid to enjoy. It's U2 paying tribute to MJ in one of their recent concerts. They played Angel in Harlem which they wrote for Billie Holiday then synched into a little bit of Man in the Mirror & Don't stop till you have enough. So nice of them to do that & bring tears to my eyes.

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