DT's 69乐章

First release SUPER COOL pixs of DT's new album & I am loving it already ^__^ He looks almost exactly like when he first came out except thinner. The album is called 69乐章 but no english name yet. This is his 6th studio album & 9 music project. He is born in 1969 so the number 69 is chosen as the album's name.
He really did carry all those fascinating 60s related stuff on his back. He said he feels like a modern Don Quixote still crazily chasing after his dreams. For this album, he has directed mv & I think music documentary but not sure. Anyway the album will be released in August.


Anonymous said...

He looks great in the newly released pictures. I am counting down for his new album.

Additionally, 6 9 is also similar to the Japanese pronunciation of "Rock".


Zhao said...

Hi Noshka, I didn't know abt the Japanese pronunciation of Rock sounding like 69, thks vry much.