2nd D6T9 Session

So if you have seen the 2nd D6T9 Sessions clip, you'll know why I'm posting waffles ^__^ If you haven't go watch it now! I love his boyish enthusiasm where he urges his followers to share & tell him what we think of it. But ... sry to say I'm not particularly taken with the snippet I heard so far but then it is just a sampling. Maybe I will be bold & logon Twitter to tell him haha After all we can't just praise him all the time right? The other thing is that he is VERY stressed abt his voice *heart pain* & it seems that no doctor can cure him. Even though I am worried but nothing much to do but pray for him. Then he asked if there are other real artists on Twitter *so cute* Dear DT, dun worry you are in good company when even the US President is twittering hee! So here's the 2nd D6T9 vid:

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