69 David Tao

As expected DTFC fanatics came up with goodies galore in a short time after DT first outing for his new album on Sun. So all the links here for clips uploaded to youku.com are gratefully thanks to them. DT attended a charity concert on Sat singing 3 songs - Rain, Love Can & I love you. He wore a light blue tee & a rather 60s waistcoat:
Too bad he didn't have his hair sleeked back like in his promo pixs ^__^ Then on Sun he met with fans & media I think to have a little singalong. There are quite a few clips but the one you should really watch is his Intro mv If you have been following him on Twitter I think you will understand his posts more abt the filming, getting early in the morn, riding a bike & of cos the church scene. It all come together beautifully in this mv of a love lost or gained. I won't say more so you can have the surprise of watching it. The woman in the mv is a Taiwanese actress called Cheryl Yang & I can understand why DT chose her. She has a vry rare beauty that is almost transcendent & yet there is more than a bit of sluttiness to her too. You can understand why a cerebral man like DT would be entranced by her. The mv ends with a teaser Aug 2009 The End then changing to Aug 2009 Beginning. So I am guessing that some of the songs in his new album would alude to this love affair.
He previewed a funky new song which is a bit My Anata, a bit Rain, a bit Bastard, a bit Beatles & vry rock. Of cos he had to showcase his sterling vocals too heehee Vry nice song, I like the chorus where he goes 'I want to fly....' Then he sang Simon & Garfunkel's The Sound of Silence where he once again showcased his excellent vocals followed by a brand new DT love ballad. It started off sickeningly sweet like your usual chinese love ballad but then as usual DT just took off into uncharted area with kinda old-fashioned boyband rnb beat. He also sang Beatles' Across the Universe written by John Lennon here & here, then interviewed by Taozi where he talked abt MJ & how talking bad abt him is like casting the first stone.
If you still wanna watch more, here the charity concert on Sat but only a glimpse of him. Among the performers was a weirdly dressed Jam Hsiao. Mentioned him cos someone told me that the 1st single of his new album sounded like a song by DT. I went to listen to it & apart from the fact that its kinda pseudo-rock, it sounded nothing like DT. This happened a few times when a male chinese singer released a vaguely rockish song & ppl would remarked that it sounded like DT. I think maybe that even though DT didn't do a lot of rock songs, the most popular would be Black Tangerine, but most ppl would have an impression of them cos as usual he wrote & sang them with so much sincerity. So really makes me all excited for the release of his 6th studio '69 rock' album next mth. Go DT *__*

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