Zero to Hero

Oh dear, so much news abt DT that can't really catch up. The most exciting is of cos the release of his first single Zero to Hero aka 火鸟功. You can hear here complete with chinese lyrics courtesy & thousand thank yous to DTFC or here complete with spinning cube of DT ^__^ . The chinese name is a throwback to Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman (Science Ninja Team Gatchaman), a Japanese TV anime from the 70s. Since I am not too fond of this kinda anime, I have never watched it but apparently it was immensely popular being the first to follow US superhero format. 火鸟功 is apparently the supersonic plane called GodPhoenix. The english name tied in with the album name ie 6 can be turned to 9, zero to hero. Basically the song is an encouragement that anybody can be a hero & while very simplistic with ideals of good overcoming evil like in a superhero anime, still its very cartoonish concept is rather attractive.
The song is fast and crazy with David exercising his superb vocals to the max. I love it which is saying something since I don't normally like this kinda song but under David's master of production, the song just zings. David also made a media appearance to promote the song which had its premier today & his new studio album, 69 David Tao, with release date 8/15. A full-length hour-long movie directed by DT will be released along with the album. Sorry this is brief but can manage to post this much today. A brief look at Zero to Hero mv:

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