15 days to Opus 69

Opus 69, DT's 6th studio album, is up for preorder @ Yesasia, the blurb is pretty interesting so include here:
After his "123 We Are All Wooden Men" world tour, Taiwan's "Music Godfather" David Tao comes back with his new album in three years titled Opus 69. The number in the title references a number of things, among which is that it's the singer-songwriter's 6th album and 9th CD. Besides, David was born in the summer of '69, and the symbol of his zodiac sign, Cancer, resembles "69". Moreover, in the ancient text of I-Ching, 6 and 9 symbolize "change" and "rebirth", and the numbers when pronounced in Japanese are similar to "rock", which is what this highly anticipated album is about! David puts aside his famous R&B style to return to his musical roots in rock music for this band sound-oriented album, which comes with new songs like "Your Song", "Zero to Hero", "Adoration", and "RE.DT".
Not sure what comes with the pre-order, was hoping it's the 1-hr movie where DT can be seen as an adorable hairdresser ^__^
I think in Taiwan & HK, it's a poster. If anyone have news abt preorder in Singapore & Malaysia, plse let us know. Opus 69 is a fairly cool name. I think I am going to love this album.


Justin said...

Just pre-ordered! So excited!!!

Anonymous said...

I just ordered a few days ago, too. Looking forward for the delivery of DT's new album.