Debugging DT

Poor DT being bugged once again by a certain idol who claimed he had poor judgement when he awarded him second not first in a singing competition which happened aeons ago. Imagine carrying this silly grudge for so long cos he always wants to be numero uno. This man is unbelievably childish & annoying *roll eyes*
So here I am debugging *__* cos as usual he timed it just when DT abt to drop his album so poor David has to answer to media. Although reading DT tweets I think the album is not close to ready yet so I think maybe end of July or even August. He may even do it after his Macau concert knowing him *sigh* But the good news is davidtao.com is back up again & DT has promised a revamp soon which goes with the new album -- so exciting. Someone has posted a pix of a huge billboard of the Macau poster at Twitter & Dave even said he might do MJ medley. Actually I was hoping he will do MJ at his concert although I do hope he is not going to wear a sequinned glove. It will be so tacky. Anyway remember to wish DT Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!!!


Anonymous said...

lol u're so protective of him.. I wanna hear the MJ medley real bad!


Zhao said...

Hi hi Zoe, how r u? Yeah real protective heehee

Anonymous said...

Wohoo, launch album maybe delayed to September (my birthday *wink wink*)