DT @ Wuhan

David & DTFC fan with movie clapperboard ^__^ Actually did wonder if they will give him one cos its just so appropriate. His China fans are really thoughtful. Anyway in his media interview, he is still sticking to his plans of releasing album end of the year & completing all his contractual work so he can have time to film his movie next year. He did mention concerts also but mostly in China & Wuhan could be included but think its just to please his fans cos he dun always know his concert schedule :P
They asked if he worry that with so many newcomers that he will be replaced & of cos he said no. He is more concerned with the state of Chinese music & said that for 2-3 years he has yet to hear a good voice or good piece of music. However he is more optimistic after hearing the contestants today. He still hoped to get married before 40 but he will not divulge any details to the media as he felt it is his private affairs. He also said he dun need such rumors to get more news. Yeah, so back off paparazzi & leave the man alone *__* He is already 39 & dun think anyone care abt his marital status anymore. We just want to watch his movie!


anne said...

Sincerely wish DT's dreams will be fulfilled.

Anonymous said...

that clip was so adorable... can't wait for his movie! hope the soundtrack will be wonderful.


Zhao said...

Hi Anne & Zoe, yes yes looking forward to his album, his movie & soundtrack :)