5 days to DT's birthday

Just doing a countdown post for our boy's big day & also vry cool concert pix with Jamie. Nothing much happening except for GMA. For Khalil fans out there, sry he didn't get any awards which was rather surprising as all bets were on him to get best male singer and/or best album. Gary got best singer although a bored reviewer unkindly remarked that it doesn't matter who got it all the same. Tanya Chua got best singer a second time but lost out to Karen Mok on best album. The best moment said the same bored reviewer was when Lou Dayou presenting one of the numerous awards for Jay Chou jumbled up the title of his song proving that not everybody listens to Jay. Oh dear I think GMA's ambition to be known as the 'Grammies of the East' is kinda faltering.


sukyee said...

The silly drama at the GMAs always cracks me up!

Zhao said...

Hi Sukyee, yeah they have to get the rating up somehow :P