2 days to DT's birthday

Vry adorable cutting his birthday cake with his DTFC fans, more pixs here. David then went on to Wenzhou to meet with the press. He was said to have dodged questions abt recent rumors & disinterested in GMA.
Don't think he would dodge rumors questions cos he has already clarified & if ppl dun wanna believe, what is there left to say? As for GMA, he wasn't even nominated. They made it sound as if he was a sore loser cos they mentioned Jay won 4 awards. Er ... Jay lost to David last yr for Best Song & dun think he was ever asked how he felt losing to David :P Anyway there is no pleasing everyone as no matter who won, there will always be criticism.
Anyway DT should be in Wuhan on Friday & will probably receive another cake ^__^ The ppl over @ DTFC have been busying rooting out snippets of his new song Laurel Heroes & there's even a ringtone available but so far the complete song has not been broadcasted yet. Some concert news is Jakarta tentatively in October & maybe Las Vegas in December.

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Anonymous said...

do u know if the concert in vegas is conformed?