DT @ Shenyang

More articles on DT's media interview in Shenyang & some of them seem conflicting *sigh* like they are putting words in his mouth. I will go with this Sina one only cos they wrote that he sighed & said, "October but struggling" when asked abt his album release which is very DT ^__^ Of cos the headline once again made him sound arrogant but it was taken out of context. What he said was that since he is not an idol singer he doesn't like to have activities that are not work related, he prefers to be low key so he can do his work properly & not be asked all the time abt album release. Once his album is out then everybody can ask him questions to their heart's content. Short & sweet although the huge pix of him is rather offputting :P
Watch a promo clip where he answered media questions mostly abt the band competition organised by Icetea. Just so wonderful to watch him put so much effort into answering all the questions no matter how trivial & how he always managed to bring music into them. I like one answer he gave abt how he would also look at how contestants are dressed only cos he felt that to dress tidily is to respect the stage & the audience. That's always the impression he gives me with his media appearances even though he doesn't always like them but he will always try to put in 100% effort because he respects himself, the media, the viewers or readers. He is off to Quangzhou this weekend & hopefully the last leg of his Icetea promo. Lastly sina clip of him singing Can't you outta my mind in Shenyang & absolutely heartstealing pix snaffled from DTFC ^__^

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