DT @ Quangzhou

David in Quangzhou on his last leg of Icetea promo. Could be he was so relieved that he started making cutie faces ^__^ Anyway he looked supersweet in these pixs -- must be happy that he can have some rest at last. There were quite a lot of news articles but they mostly said the same thing abt his new studio album to be released yearend & movie next yr. He must be tired of answering the same questions over & over again.
Here's a pix courtesy & much thanks to DTFC that brings back memories & tears to my eyes. For his recent blog msg he used 'A new beginning' as the title & I wasn't sure what he meant. Maybe he is tired of being promoted like a 'heavenly king' cos he never wanted to be one. Seeing him put on lipbalm reminded me of those Soul Power days when all he did was play the music he loved. There was less rumors & gossips. But I must say I am proud of him now. His music journey this year was not an easy one fraught with rumors, bad press & more rumors. But David kept his head down & just did his work with vry little fanfare.
His answers & explanation to the media was short but to the point. Even though the media tried to sensationalised some of the articles with his rumored love affair but David refused to be provoked & maintained a dignified silence. The only mildly controversial item was when they claimed he said that new singers from singing contest can only be famous for 3 years. I am so glad that he put everything behind him & really did attempt a new beginning which seems to be working nicely. Thank you David for keeping it real.
Finally here at last is the full version of Laurel Heroes credit & much thanks to DTFC. It was recorded from a mainland chinese station & the song is apparently included in a cd commemorating the Beijing Olympics. Not sure what's the cd name or when it will be on sale. It's a great song & I love his freestyle of singing *__*

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