6 days to DT's birthday

Dear blog, so sry but forgot yr birthday again but it really has been great so thank you & hope we can still be together for another 4 years while we follow DT wherever he may goes *__*
Not much news abt David at the moment. He did turn up @ Qingdao for Icetea promo & as usual got quoted out of context by the chinese press *roll eyes* The headlines screamed that he said new singers will only be famous for 3 years. What he said was that most of these new singers from mostly singing competitions gained fame immediately. He felt that they will be famous for abt 2 yrs then what abt the 3rd yr? He chided their record companies for not thinking ahead & planning a future for them. David will be heading for Wuhan nxt weekend.
Saw some news regarding Anson Hu who was in Taiwan for promo recently since the thawing of relationships with China. He wanted to be the first mainland singer to hold a largescale concert in Taipei. There's a feeling that EMI is grooming him as the successor to DT for the top spot of 'talented singer/composer with high quality works & not too commercialised'. Maybe they are not that confident that David will remain with them. But still it is good that EMI is planning ahead for Anson so he can have a bright future as a singer/composer for many yrs to come. It seemed that David has written a song abt the Olympics as opposed to an Olympic song submitted for consideration. The song is called Laurel Heroes & I love the title already hee but at the moment the song has not been released. Maybe he will include it in his new album. Just something random: saw a pix of DT taken by a fan of A-Mei & it was so adorable as he was holding a book abt pandas ^__^

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