1 day to DT's birthday

This panda is called Tai Shan & he lives @ Smithsonian Zoo in US. His birthday is on 7/9 so he is a Cancer like DT! Hehe any excuse to post cute panda pix but seriously this panda is incredibly popular - look at all the birthday wishes he got online. Not to mention the special panda cam to watch him 24/7. Now that's what missing on this blog - a special DT cam to watch him 24/7 ^__^ Hope Wuhan will be his last promo stop for Icetea & he gets some time off cos I worry he might not be able to finish both his album & movie script on time but then when is he ever on time :P
As the media are in a frenzy to pitch newcomers Jam against Yoga, just hope it will a relief for David so they stop focusing on him. He has said many times that he hates being compared. I don't understand why it is not possible to like both Jam and Yoghurt sry Yoga. They have vry different styles & Yoga has been compared to Eason Chan who is pretty unique in chinese entertainment. Although it was good strategy to move away from the Jay/Leehom wannabes, those are pretty big boots to fill. By the by Eason's chinese version of Under Mt Fuji was conveniently disqualified from GMA for some reason so less competition for Jay's Flowerpot. Luck always seem to be on his side like winning Golden Horse's Newcomer award when Fiona Sit whose debut screen performance was far more critically acclaimed did not even get nominated. One may even start to suspect strings were being pulled to make his wins less controversial. I know I am suspicious that way :P

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