4 days to DT's birthday

David continued his whirlwind promo to Shanghai where he met with the finalists of the band competition held by Icetea. He had many words of encouragement for them even promising that he will try his best to help them. He sang 3 songs for them starting with Susan Says & the evening ended with a surprise when his fans presented him with an early birthday cake & present ^__^ His ever faithful Japanese fans also gave him a VCR.
Plse don't make any comments abt his shirt >"< Apparently he was wearing a nice tee onstage but for interview & promo shots he wore this floral shirt & also had a thick layer of foundation plastered on his face. One thing to keep in mind is that DT is vry obliging where his stylist Jammy is concerned. They have been together for a long time & he unquestioningly accepts all Jammy's fashion tips which are mostly good. It could be that day David was having one of his perennial colds so the shirt & makeup were to make him look brighter for promo pixs. Again I really like the no-nonsense way he goes abt his promotion with vry little fanfare & just meeting his fans all over China. His fan network in China is extremely reliable & they usually put word out vry quickly abt when & where he is appearing. I think ppl usually underestimate his fanbase in China. He is known there more for his music than his celebrity status.
Take Hennessy Artistry for eg. It was such a success in China that this yr Chivas did the same kind of setup with Karen Mok & Blackeyed Peas singing live. David's live performance during Hennessy Artistry was such an eye-opener for ppl who had nvr attended his concerts. Here was a chinese singer who could put on a live concert just as good as the ones in the West. His powerful voice singing impromptu is always a pleasant surprise to a Chinese audience used to singers with untrained weak vocals singing in tandem to a karaoke machine. Or singing out of rhythm with the band. You know that's one thing that always bug me abt a lot abt Chinese singers & that includes quite a few famous ones. They nvr seem to be able to sing live in harmony with the band. It is like they are singing one song & the band is playing another. Sometimes they get terribly out of tandem that its just amateurish. Surely a singer should learn how to sing along with a live band, not expect the band to follow yr uneven singing. Maybe that could be why David vry seldom had guests in his concerts. Imagine the nightmares he will be having if his guest cannot sing along with his band :P
Was watching some red carpet clips of GMA & was mightily impressed with Yoga Lin (above with fellow cutie Tank), winner of the competition who was almost overshadowed by the antics of Jam Hsiao & Aska Yang. First time I saw him was in a cm for a motorbike where he was shaking his booty. Even though he has an extremely cute behind the whole thing made me go mmmmmm ^__^ But was surprised to find him so matured with a refreshing sincerity. He did not put up a cool persona nor pretend to be modest or tongue-tied. He is probably younger or looks younger than Jam or Aska but he handles the media with more maturity & sensibility. He is either incredibly smart or has an incredibly smart manager who lets him be himself. Probably a mixture of both. Now I understand why well-known musicians such as renowned HK lyrist Linxi was willing to work with Yoga on his debut album. Also now I remembered watching a clip of him praising David for being a great singer - someone posted @ Davidtao forum. This was when he attended producer Wang Zhi Ping's birthday party where David sang Beatles' Don't Let Me Down. Yoga said he was shocked at how good David sounded impromptu. He was impressed at how David still managed to adjust his vocals as he sang. This is the mark of the making of a great singer, one that can recognise & understand how good another singer is without prejudice *__*

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