Upclose DT by YG Pt 2

Sorry I didn't post any info abt his Singapore schedule but past few days my eyes were itchy & teary from allergy so its kinda hard. Also the visit seemed to be rather low-ley. Anyway thanks again to YG, we have part 2 of her DT encounter ^__^
YG said...
Ok I'm in gush mode now.
Went to his Yes 93.3 event just now and OMG i think he recognised sis n i fr yest! David was walking along a barricaded path to the stage. He looked cheery n friendly. Everyone was filming and calling him. He saw us n said Hey hi!
Thereafter on stage, he seemed to keep looking in our direction (or was i imagining?=P). We were standing right at the back of the crowd, at the corner.
During the interview, we waved to him n he nodded his head n waved back. We were like, ok maybe he's not waving at us in particular...? haha.. I gestured to him a thumbs-up sign instead and he gave a charming wink and returned the thumbs-up. Haha!
At the end of the event, he walked along the barricades again. We waved to him n he walked over to us n said Hi! thank you!
My sis actually took the liberty to say: David can i hv a hug?
David: Ok ok...
At this point, my sis lost balance leaning over the barricade and he firmly held her both hands instead. She didnt get any hug as he has to move on, but yes she is a very happy gal now. haha.
Me, I just gave him a short note to thank him for the years of good music, take care of his health n see him soon at concert!
He took it, said Ok thank you! Bye!, and patted my hand.
He then went on to hi-five and say bye to the row of fans along the barricades leading to the exit.
I love this guy.
3/31/2008 11:39 PM
I love him too. Wow seems like you & yr sis left a deep impression on DT *__* He is just too precious.
This guy too is vry precious - 忘不了 Leslie Cheung.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful stories with DT. You gals were so lucky.

<3 DT <3
<3 DT <3
<3 DT <3

Please take care. Hope you get well soon.

A Thai fan, Angel Midori, has posted another set of fabulous pictures taken from DT's HK concert on Mar 24, 2008. Again, thanks a lot for sharing.

>> http://angelmidori.multiply.com/photos/album/61/David_Taos_ConcertHK

I really the last picture. : )


Zhao said...

Thanks so much Noshka of yr concern & linkshare. Take care yourself.