Post Sing concert

Thank you so much Kormmandos for your excellent review & pixs. I think you said it all for us ^__^ Here's the song rundown:
Yes No Song
Can't Get You Outta My Mind
Close to You
Let's Fall in Love
Susan Said
Who Do You Love
Moon Over My Heart
Airport in 10.30
Small Town Girl
Season of Loneliness
Regular Friends
Black Tangerine
Dear God
Marry Me Today
Too Beautiful
Dance Medley
Love Can
Blue Moon
I Love You
I found the response to this concert much better than Love Can. Could be cos ppl still remembered & expected another concert like Soul Power during Love Can whereas with Wooden Men, there was no expectation & so the audience was more willing to accept what David gave them so long as it ROCKS which it did of cos. The new arrangements mostly went down well with fans once they recognised the songs but it was still his ballads that mesmerised as mentioned in another excellent blog review. The dancing & dancers were not that well-received. I think my dear DT next time just keep your dancing in the closet :P
Once again he 'miraculously' recovered his voice in time for the concert *roll eyes* Did it not occur to him with his psychology degree that the reason might be psychological? That he was under so much stress before a concert that his system kinda shut down resulting in a voice loss. Once he was ready to perform, he got so pumped up with adrenalin that all system go & viola! He can sing again Hallelujah *__* Anyway maybe God did has a hand in it seeing as it's our beloved DT.
I thought it was great he spoke mostly english even though it was a chinese concert. This is who he is - an American Taiwanese who sings in Mandarin. Ppl always thumb down at him for using english in his songs like he was trying to be pretentious. But this is the reality in Asia where ppl sprinkle english in their mother tongue so why it is taboo in songs? David always use some english when he is speaking chinese. It is a part of who he is like giving praise to God.


udonotknowme1 said...

The videos on Youtube are beautiful! (Okay, maybe I'm bias.) Makes me wish I was there! I'm half regretting not going already. :P

Anonymous said...

I love the way he used his 'english' very adorable~!


Zhao said...

Sry for u Sukyee :( Hi Zoe, glad u r back!

justjesss said...

sukyee and i should have gone to his concert in singapore !!!

no sign of him coming to malaysia... :(((

Anonymous said...

I'm always lurking.. coz I could never go to his concert.. could someone pls tell him to come to Thailand ASAP before goin' into movie? lol~ that would be my dream-come-true


Anonymous said...

Long time no comment from me Zhaodi :) Hope you are doing well just as you have faithfully kept this blog going all this time...thank you! I went to his concert. Like many, it took me some seconds to recognise the rearranged songs but it was refreshing although I really didn't enjoy the dancers, DT can do without them :P but he remains true to himself in the end, in T-shirt n jeans (my fav getup of his, not sequinned outfits) just his voice and guitar is worth every cent. Thanks for sharing the other blogs too :). Take care...jb

Shu Ying said...

Hello Zhaodi!

Haha! Was waiting to hear your take on David's Sg Concert! Anyway, just like to share with you my wonderful experience of being on stage with him. David's voice was superb, despite the bout of tonsillitis he had right before the concert. It was miraculous and amazing, you could feel the energy and power emanating from him.

Haha I really didn't know what I was in for when he finally picked me, until I stepped on that enormous stage, bright spotlights and all, and 8000 pairs of eyes staring at us. It was mind-blowing.

For one thing, David's talent and adorable charm was undeniable. And it was great tt the SG audience finally showed we're not that shy and passive after all! We were so high that night! With his warm firm hand, and sincere hugs, he totally made my day.

You know, it is absolutely surreal to be seeing him up close, after all these years of watching him on youtube, listening to all his albums, and of course, reading updates abt him on your blog.=)
It was a dream come true for me, and I'm thankful to have this wonderful memory to take with me for the rest of my life.

Let's look forward to his upcoming works, and to support and trust he will give his best in the things that means a lot to him, be it movie or music. If he's happy, I'm happy too.

Shu Ying

PS: Don't know if you still rem, I used to tag on your blog as opalibran.=)

Anonymous said...

Shu Ying, it was really U - the lucky girl who was up on the stage with David. I love to watch David's expressions when u said "currently single" & placed ur arm @ his back :-)

David is indeed a great singer, his unique & powerful voice touches our hearts!

Cheers for David!