DT & Shu Ying

Thank you so much for yr msg Shu Ying & sharing yr upclose experience with DT *green with envy* Stole a pix from DTFC so ppl can see how gorgeous you are. You look good with DT ^__^ honestly you must take up his request to show him around next time he is in Singapore *_*
Shu Ying said...
Hello Zhaodi!
Haha! Was waiting to hear your take on David's Sg Concert! Anyway, just like to share with you my wonderful experience of being on stage with him. David's voice was superb, despite the bout of tonsillitis he had right before the concert. It was miraculous and amazing, you could feel the energy and power emanating from him.
Haha I really didn't know what I was in for when he finally picked me, until I stepped on that enormous stage, bright spotlights and all, and 8000 pairs of eyes staring at us. It was mind-blowing.
For one thing, David's talent and adorable charm was undeniable. And it was great tt the SG audience finally showed we're not that shy and passive after all! We were so high that night! With his warm firm hand, and sincere hugs, he totally made my day.
You know, it is absolutely surreal to be seeing him up close, after all these years of watching him on youtube, listening to all his albums, and of course, reading updates abt him on your blog.=)
It was a dream come true for me, and I'm thankful to have this wonderful memory to take with me for the rest of my life.
Let's look forward to his upcoming works, and to support and trust he will give his best in the things that means a lot to him, be it movie or music. If he's happy, I'm happy too.
Shu Ying
PS: Don't know if you still rem, I used to tag on your blog as opalibran.=)
4/25/2008 1:06 PM
Yes I remember you, I think you are studying music rite? Sry haven't been updating as much but working on this huge project & can't see the light at the end of tunnel yet *sigh* Kept listening to David's Free as motivation haha Anyway below youtube vid of lovely Shu Ying being serenaded by David.


Shu Ying said...

Thks Zhaodi for immortalising that moment for me here.=) Haha nope, I'm not a student. I'm working, but in addition to my day job I'm part of the local Jazz-pop A Cappella group, VoCollision. So it was a great experience and eye-opener for me to be on that stage. Of course, not forgetting being serenaded by the man himself. =)

Shu Ying

christine@Sg said...

hi zhaodi,someone link me to this blog. :)
Did u watch this sg concert or not? I went alone and the concert is very nice..... too bad my fren cant join me........
hope to read more yr thoughts abt this sg concert.

Veronica said...

Hi Zhaodi,

Great to stumble upon this blog of urs.. keep updating ya.. Im not a Chinese and i find a hard time reading those chinese words.. hahaha.. so its really great u wrote in English, thanks ya!! Hopefully his next concert will be at Malaysia or Indonesia.. do keep updating ya!! :)


I was at the concert and at that moment, i really really ENVY u!!! :) Upclose and Personal!! :)

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you! You did Singapore audience proud...cool, composed and yet not too timid to not give him a hug, after all, it's ONCE in your life time!!!! I hugged him once and it's forever etched in my memory :)...jb

David Tao said...

1 week after the concert day, and I can still feel the sweet aura we had in the stadium. So envious with Shu Ying.. haha.. but it's ok, let us keep supporting David in any work he does.

DTfans said...

hi shu ying...congrats. bet it's gonna be an unforgettable moment for the rest of ur life. we enjoyed it as well! wooo DT all the way!

Joanne said...

1 week after the DT SG concert.i am still thinking of that wonderful night haha. I only chanced upon this blog quite recently, been a DT fan for quite a long time though. Pls, this is a WONDERFUL blog!! I depend on this for DT's latest updates now :) Btw Shu Ying really looked good with DT, not to mention you are a music lover and singer as well. If DT invited you to sing along, that would be super great!! Hee.

Cheerz to this blog, the author and Shu Ying!! We all love David, wish him happiness & sense of fulfilness in whatever he will be doing~~