14 days to Sin concert

Ok any DT concert info on this blog comes from other sources such as DTFC. The man himself seems clueless ^__^ & there is virtually no info on his own website. All he ever did say was there will be 6 or 7 more concerts this yr. At this time, there is still no confirmation whether there will be a Malaysia concert. Indonesia stop will probably be small & by invitation. Japan could be cos of his sponsorship with Big John & he does has a lot of extremely faithful Japanese fans. I think DT is trying his best to hold as many concerts as he is able before he disappear to film his movie. Some fans are disappointed cos of this but he has given us so much good music so its time he goes off to do the things he really wants to do. At least he has the artistic integrity to put down his lucrative career as a singer/composer before pursuing his dream to be a director. He is actually taking a very big risk cos he may not be able to make comeback to music if his movie career doesn't take off. It takes a lot of courage & determination to make a career change, even more so when your current career is still at its peak. He could have taken a safer route by doing both at the same time but its just not his style. I feel sorry for him when he kept promising his fans he will not let them down with his movie. Why must he feel as if he is letting us down? Although I admit I did feel a bit upset when he announced his intention to film his own movie. But I respect his decision esp when he is being so responsible abt it by wrapping up his concerts & releasing an album first. Perhaps it is to please his fans that he decided to film a musical so we can at least listen to his OST. He really is good to his fans.
There was a bit in the UFM interview where he said that the reason he didn't change completely the repetoire of his songs in his concerts from Soul Power to Wooden Men is cos he felt he is growing with his listeners. He hopes that listening to his songs at different times in our lives could also give different feelings & memories. Which was why he decided to re-arrange all his old hits rather than change the songlist completely. Spoken like a real artist. I mean will one ever get tired of watching Turandot? The set, actors, costumes, orchestra change of cos but the songs stay the same. Turandot is not Turandot without Nessun Dorma preferably sang by Luciano Pavarotti which is not possible now of cos. But its strange isn't it that we still fail to give proper respect to contemporary music. Classical music during its time is just popular music but cos it lasts for such a long time, it has been elevated to a lofty status. So why it is we can accept a classical concert with unchanging music but not a modern one? I admit I too wonder why he kept singing the same songs. But once again his uncanny wisdom & true devotion to music have given me a new perspective. Impossible not to worship this man.
(Pixs credit & thanks to Angie from Thailand)


udonotknowme1 said...

Popped by the say hi. Much easier to read with Bloglines.

I really wish DT would come to Malaysia! We miss him sooooooooooooooooo much!

But then, I'd be happy to see him finally getting on to that movie asap!

celinewong said...

harlow sukyee!! it's been a while! yeah i miss him so much too!!!!!!! let's go together-gether if he comes again!! :P

justjesss said...

how can i contact u guys? then, we can go buy tickets together...sit together mar... :P

my facebook/msn is jessielcc@hotmail.com

add me yeah...

Anonymous said...

Love this still-life picture of DT reaching out to fans.

Hope DT's Singapore concert will be another successful one.
Have fun!

BTW, I just curious to see the pictures of DT's manager and WaWa (his song writer). They are always behind the scene. I have never heard any info about them.

Zhao said...

Hi Sukyee, Celine & Jessie, hope u guys can get together to attend his concert. Hi anon, think I have posted WaWa & his manager's pixs in the archives. See if I can find them again.