9 days to Sin concert

DT & Chen Chang in Switerland on 4/8 to celebrate 140 anniversary of IWC - DT's favorite watch. He looks really sharp in black framed glasses. Not sure if something is wrong with his eyes or a new look but his fans are crazy abt it ^__^ Just proved we are just a bunch of raving fanatics cos to be honest, he looks fairly ordinary but vry sharp that's all haha Its David's first time in Switerland & he lamented that he is cold cos it was snowing & he lost his luggage so did not have enough clothes to wear. He seems to have knack for losing his luggage. There could be no of reasons: 1) He is extremely careless 2) He is extremely unlucky 3) He has expensive taste in luggage & 4) Fanatic stewardess onboard made off with his luggage for which I hope for his sake there was nothing vry personal in there :P Anyway hope he has time to go sightseeing cos he seems to enjoy Europe vry much.

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