DT in Hangzhou

Nice pix of David being interviewed in Shanghai. All I can say is HUNK ^__^ He is not yr pretty dolly chinese male idol & I sure like him that way. He should be in Hangzhou today to attend The 4th China International Cartoon and Animation Festival. Here's a short writeup:
International Cartoon & Animation Festival, tickets available to the public
April 16, 2008
The opening ceremony of Hangzhou International Cartoon & Animation Festival will be at the leisure expo garden lakefront square from 19:45-21:30 on 28th April. For the first time, tickets of the opening ceremony party are on sale to the public.
There are 4 different prices for the ticket- 150/350/550/880Rmb. Everyday 9:00-18:00 you can call free ticket hotline 4008881007 for delivery.
6 special bus lines will be available at Qingchun Square/Wulin Square/Season Square/Dragon Stadium/Auchan/Wushan Square.
The performance group, including pop stars such as Tao Zhe, Cai Yilin, Huang Shengyi and Flowers, will put on a show with musical drama, acrobatics, large-scale magic, etc. And there will also be interlude dramas performed by many cartoon and animation figures.
Apparently he will be singing Can't get you outta my mind, Susan Says & Marry Me Today with Jolin. Welcome to new visitors - many thanks for yr msgs & continuing support of DT *__* Below is his Binghongcha cm screening currently in China:


Anonymous said...

You have enough material on DT to put together a coffee-table book of sorts. :) Apart from the perennial question of how you manage to find so much info on him, I'd also like to say, keep up the great work for all DT fans. Cheers!

Michelle said...


I had been reading ur blog for quite a while. Thank for always updating and sharing DT's news! I enjoy it so much althought its the first time i leave a msg.

I think Shanghai's concert is not the final one of the whole tour. what do u guys think? but I honestly hope he will soon finish his concerts tour" project". so that he can concertrate on his album and movie... and take more rest!!! He was actually sick during HK concerts tour in march. Oh right.. Im from Hong Kong.

justjesss said...

thanks zhaodi,

i depend entirely on ur site for DT news cos i'm just another "banana" :P

Zhao said...

Thanks vry much for all yr comments.

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