15 days to Sin concert

Not sure if this is a new Big John pix but he sure look yummylicous esp the biceps ^__^ His Sin promo was like whirlwind visit but still he did a lot of interviews. Heard UFM100 & he was just stir-crazy in it. The 2 female djs were giggling away like schoolgirls but you can tell they were charmed. He mentioned the possibility of a Japan concert hoping to reverse the flow of music. He talked honestly abt his getting drunk saying he fell asleep after getting in tbe cab & when he woke up he was already at the police station. He was glad he did not land in the zoo & woke up nxt to a bear *roll eyes* He was miffed that his friends wanted to hang an address sign on him. Actually that's a good idea :P
He was hilarious when he compared an unappreciative audience to a sea of corpses saying it was hard on stage for he & his band when they could not get a response. Mind you he is certainly not the first artist who complained abt lack of response from the audience here & I am not talking abt screamy idol-crazy fans with their pavlovian ardour at the mere sight of their idols. Anyway David also said he would consider settling in Singapore when/if he get married as he admires the tolerance towards different religions here. What a guy! Where others may consider US the best environment to raise a kid, it is just like DT to hone in on social integration. Btw do take a look at the DT@Bugis clips on the sidebar. Vry enjoyable esp the ones that show him highfiving fans on his way out. Like YG said it was just fabulous *__*
In a press interview, he revealed he has started dating someone from the entertainment industry. They are just getting to know each other but unfortunately he was too busy to take it any further. Well sincerely hope this time it will be succesful & he can get hitched at last. Also pray for a rumor-free courtship & that the paparazzi will leave them alone. He said recent rumors abt EMI pulling out of Asia are a bit exaggerated. His big boss did not say anything to him so he felt there will not be much change although it has been confirmed that EMI scales back Asia market operations. EMI has also not yet negotiate re-signing of his contract but he thinks it will be soon. Go indie DT please. Really dun like how EMI are promoting their singers now.
David has signed up with Binghongcha 冰红茶 in China & will be their spokesman for this yr & nxt. Here is their website although strangely not operational BUT can see his guitar-toting image on the bright orange dome in the center - oh my just so cute *__* yeah in my fangirl mode haha Oh they updated just as I was typing so now can see his BIG image ^__^ Above pix is credited to the owner here who took series of 12 just gorgeous pixs. Why are so many DT fans abnormally good at taking pixs? They are usually so professional & really show off his priceless expressions. Seems that the Taizhou ocncert has been cancelled & the Shanghai concert will be his last stop. However he may squeeze in Indonesia and/or Japan.


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ladidadom said...

hi may i know where i can listen to the interview at UFM?


Zhao said...

Sorry anon but maybe there will be one in Malaysia. Hi ladidadom, not sure cos the interview was live but maybe they may repeat it.

justjesss said...

i do hope he will make malaysia one of his concert stops this year...:P

anyway, i better look out for partners to go with me in advance...i'd rather go with a hard-core DT fan than dragging along my bf or a friend who is only willing to pay for the cheapest seat...:P

celine, maybe we can go together??? :P

Anonymous said...

Wonder who that lucky girl is? really curious and happy for my idol too...why is the concert at taizhou cancelled?

celinewong said...

hehehe... love to!!