Song for Melody

Finally some light on the song David wrote for Melody. It was actually written 2 yrs ago when Melody was preparing for her album. She asked David for a song & also requested him to produce it. They spend a few days in the studio & David also provided the backing vocals. David was surprised that the song only now surfaced as ending theme for idol series, the Game of Love. Melody who will be marrying early nxt yr, will also released her new album & not sure if the song will be included but it will be included in the series OST. Found a longer version of the song where David's backing vocals can be heard quite clearly, get it @ Ultrasound Interactive but there is a bit of dialogue in the song from the series. Also if u haven't heard the 1997 remix of Wang Ba Dan, get it too @ interactive site as vry appropriate for now ^__^
Many commented that Melody sounded great in this song & before that, they thought she was an only so-so singer. I heard the same comments abt Jolin in Marry me today. Just goes to show that David is a really painstaking producer & tries hard to extract the vry best from the singer. Also the song was written 2 yrs ago & yet it dun sound like an outdated song cos David vry seldom follows music trends. He writes from the heart esp love ballads so they are evergreen. I love you, Everything's gone, Blue Moon, Love Can, Close to you, Who do you love are all everlasting ballads.
Btw think the cute onstage vid posted below is by the gorgeous & talented Kewei. Sry but rather busy these days to notice these things. Also meant to post this -- Celine's screaming funny account of her encounter with Mr Tao. It will brighten up yr day for sure, what a spunky girl *__*


celinewong said...

wah zhaodi..after so long now re-posting abt my encounter again! i miss DT so much!! but i guess i'm outta his mind ler..kekeke hehe but thanks for enjoying my blog. it's my 1st encounter with blog. it can be quite tedious to do blogging! So thumbs up at ur work!

and i seriously think melody is a very good singer compared to many female singers out there! hehe she sings good!! too bad she's not popular la..and getting marry only next year?? Wahh! i tot she married few years back ..like after breaking up with DT !! *shyz* okay i really did not follow either of their news. now i know ...


Zhao said...

Sry abt the delay in posting yr blog Celine but kinda blur these days, will get better promise :P

celinewong said...

hey zhaodi..
no worries! u getting blur? how come? get enuff rest la ya! hehe!!