Back on track

Hey hey guys I am allowed back ^__^ cos I promised to be good & not stressed abt my archives anymore. Cos u see I been trying to clean up my archives for a long long long time but it just got too depressing as there r so many entries & some of the pixs were too big so I had to repost many of them. Then some of the links were not working & coming up as red X so I had to find out what pixs they were originally. It was a nightmare. I suddenly realised how David must have felt when working on his music & trying to make it perfect. I can now understand why he took so long to come up with his albums. Anyway sorry abt locking up the blog but it was the only way to make me not get anxiety attacks abt ppl wandering into the archives. I know its silly cos u guys can understand why my archives are so messy but still ... u know how it is.
Thank you so much for all yr concern & msgs, esp Mark & your comforting words, I am not deserving. I must be strong again to accompany David on his journey. He still has a long way to go and I want to be here to blog abt it. Now is not the time to be weak & stressed abt unnecessary things rite? Anyway I felt loads better when I found this blog entry by this Malaysian girl who was one of the MTV winners for the Hennessy Artistry event in Shanghai. Gotta scroll past all the pixs of the yummy foods first *__* An incredible detailed account abt the evening performances with pixs. Loved the bit during David's performance where she wrote "Even the foreigners in the crowd knew EVERY SINGLE WORD" ^__^ She followed with a vry interesting account of when the winners were ushered backstage to meet David & of cos she had pixs, only a few but enough to show our gorgeous Dave. Hope u enjoy reading it as much as I do. Also found another youtube vid of the opening of David's performance. The person filming it must have been extremely close to the stage & the blog above also took note that girls were falling all over the stage, trying to take pixs of David & he was extremely good abt helping them up *__*


sukyee said...

Zhaodi, you know we'll always love you and your blog, even if it's not perfect. I enjoyed reading the old posts - it captured the fresh beginnings of a David fan.

I know you'll be tempted to correct everything. I understand from the viewpoint of a fellow blogger. I will never be satisfied with my writing or presentation. If I had the time, I would mess with my posts until I find the perfect words.

But then, lets return to David and why we love him - he's not perfect. And your blog doesn't have to be either. Like you said about his rendition of 'One Last Cry'. It was raw emotion, far from perfect and holds a dear place in our hearts.

We're all on a journey, so different yet similar. I laugh when I read your old posts. Know why? Because it reminds me of how I felt that year, that time. It makes many of us happy. Although, I must admit, I've been getting lazy at collecting DT info after discovering you! :P

tangerina said...

so happy to see ya blog again!!...i was kinda worried when i didn't received ya email and with the thought of not be able to see this blog again, now that was depressing for me!! Dun let the archives bothers u too much cos i think you've been doing such a fine job on it...i do trackback ya entries sometimes and everything seems okie for me.:)

Zhao said...

Thank you sukyee for your as always thoughtfully written posts, such a pleasure to read, & tangerina, always there when needed. Thanks again.