The Shanghai report

Some media pixs of Hennessy Artistry concert. Can see the audience is extremely close to the stage & not a lot of security. Here & SGFC forum many wonderful candid shots taken by TW fans who attended. They also posted nice detailed report @ Tao Mi Tian Tan yahoo grp. Will transcript some of it with credit & thanks to their tremendous efforts. After they got in, they saw an extremely shuai David *__* being interviewed. Apparently there was red carpet for celebrities both performing & attending similar to the NY event. They were surprised to see the stage so close to the audience & tried to get as upfront as possible. They also found out David was the last act & would be performing around 11pm. During performance of DJ Sky Nellor, they caught sight of some of David band mbrs & called out their names. They were vry friendly & returned their greetings causing curious looks from the crowd ^__^
Finally David appeared onstage with much fanfare & immediately launched into his first song Rain. David's vocals were fantastic upclose & it was an incredible live performance. By this time, they managed to get to the front & caught David's eye. He was shocked to see them, even forgetting lyrics & his expression was priceless ^__^ Tickets for this event were rather hard to get & he probably did not expect to see his fans from TW, HK & Japan attending. He came over to greet them prompting a reporter to ask who they were. The reporter were extremely taken aback that they were geuinue fans from around Asia as he always thought it was David who paid ppl to be his international fans >"< *plse David is not that kinda idol*
After that David was even more high & kept coming over to sing to them. During Smalltown Girl, David was hilarious when he forgot the opening lyrics & had to ask the band to stop. He came over to ask if they knew the lyrics & they shouted that they did. David was vry happy & finally David Tan reminded him. David Tan was also vry nice, holding out his microphone to them & even posed for them. During the Bee Gees medley, David even danced a little & his falsetto was excellent. The finale was I love you & again he got the audience to sing along. Think its marvellous that even though he could not hold his unplugged concert this yr in TW, at least some of them managed to enjoy this marvellous small scale concert. Songlist: Rain, Can't get outta my mind, Too Beautiful, Susan said, Blue Moon/Somewhere over the rainbow, Regular Friends, Marry me today, Smalltown Girl, Bee Gees Medley, I love you. 2 vids of Blue Moon/Somewhere over the rainbow posted @ youtube. His cold did affected his high notes but he did apologised during the concert.

Another thing that happened was when he helped the girl who was pushed up onstage, he immediately came over & explained to his fans that it was not intentional that he grabbed the girl but he was afraid that she might fall. I feel so vry touched that he care so much what his geuinue fans think of him & don't want them to misunderstand & be hurt by his behavior. It makes me feel sad & embarrassed for not trusting him enough in the past. Oftentimes the situation presented in the media is not the truth & there is always so much adverse news abt him cos he will never pay for good reviews as he once said. Like what the reporter thought abt David paying for so-called 'professional fans', unfortunately these kinda things do happen in China. David cannot stop these kinda reports so its up to his fans to believe & trust in him. So 加油 David, I will always be here supporting you.

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