The mixing of David

David looking a bit sickly during press conference for Hennessy Artistry. He caught a cold due to the weather in Shanghai. He cancelled all other press interviews as he wanted to rest his voice. In the concert, he would have interaction both with DJ Sky Nellor & Juliette & the Licks performing a range of genres from hiphop, r&b to rock. Hoped it was a great success. He also said he enjoyed Juliette Lewis' movies & her band music prompting her to hug him ^__^
Tsai Chin who is having her Love Without End concert in China on 12/22 said that she most admired David's vocals. She has heard & liked David's version of Love without end saying that he has successfully remixed without losing flavor of the song. However she will not sing his version as she felt her audience will not be able to accept her singing this version but the original version. I think its just wonderful that such a veteran singer is able to appreciate & accept David's modern covers of old songs. I seen a lot of ppl unreasonably accused David of 'butchering' old songs. David is a musician who deeply respects music but he also understands that music is capable of evolving. Also its not a sin to do covers, a lot of musicians like to sing classic oldies bringing good songs, good music back to life. That's what music is all abt -- sharing the good stuff sometimes in new ways.

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