Vanilla sky

Love him when he laughs like that -- so adorable. Watch Sina clip where can see mbrs of Zhe Mi Tian Tan in front holding up placards with his name & extremely cute cartoon David ^__^ His chinese name looks so distinctive, vry special. David should be on his way to Shanghai to continue his album promo which includes ktv contest for Marry me today where the winner gets to sing the duet with him.
Answering to Angel, not too sure what kind of loneliness David meant. But having watch 2 of the movies before - AI & Vanilla Sky - the David characters are similiar in their alienation & inability to connect with the people around them. Both of them are looking for their version of 'happiness' which is manifested in the woman they think they love most but actually they love themselves the most which is what led to their loneliness. Hmmmm ... do hope David is not exactly like that but still most of us are a bit like that rite? In our pursuit of happiness, we usually put ourselves first not the person we want to share our happiness with. This is also the reason David's music is so real to me. In one interview he said that when he heard John Lennon's Jealous Guy, he was amazed that a man would show the world his ugly side. I think this has influenced his music alot as he is vry seldom the noble, forgiving, silently suffering man in his music. Take the song Forever where he sang out desperately abt his pain & unwillingness to end a love affair. It does remind me of the David in Vanilla Sky who only wants to taste the sweetness of love & never the bitterness.


tangerina said...

such profundity :P...everytime you throw in a perspective about David, it kinda makes me understand him abit more. It's amazing that after yrs of liking him, we can still learn many new things from him. :)

Zhao said...

That is so true tangerina, hope u can contribute more as always value yr comments.