More Jiangxi clips

He looked rather tired with circles under his eyes. Hope he takes care of himself. As usual, he wears his IWC watch & gold chain with panache ^__^ Love the longer hair esp as its falling all over his face *silent scream*
More updated clips of his interview, just click captions under pixs to watch. 9 clips in total including greeting. He answered questions from his album, lipbalm, marriage to China-inspired music. Like the way he answered firmly when asked if he would starred in his movie that its best to get ppl who can really act. He felt that its unfortunate in Chinese entertainment there are singers who cannot sing, actors who cannot act & dancers who cannot dance. He said there should be more professionalism but I think we are fighting a losing battle here *sigh*
More pixs & news abt his appearance @ Star Face to Face. Apparently he did not give his first kiss but received it *__* It was in high school when after lunch with a girl, they waited for the bus home. When the bus arrived, the girl suddenly kissed him on the lips & quicky boarded the bus. David was so stunned that he missed the bus. He didn't say when he gave his first kiss though! Check out the cool autograph he gave Ta Jiang forum :D

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