China promo: Henan

David on the move again to Henan to hold meet-the-fan session. He said reason Henan fans are so passionate could be cos his granddad (father of his mother) is originally from Zhengzhou. Watch here as one of the fans went on stage to teach him how to greet in the local lingo as well as molest him heehee Lotsa ppl like to molest him on stage it seems but guess its understandable as he is vry molestable ^__^
One Henan fan was a guy who was having problem with his legs. He went to Henan for treatment & knowing that David was arriving, went to the airport to meet him with the help of his mom. David was vry touched & gave him an autograph as well as posed for pixs making the fan extremely happy *tear*
David also held autograph session & it was estimated that at least 2000 fans turned up bearing flowers, Henan specialities & other gifts. David felt that Henan fans have very high standards & natural ear for good music. So when asked abt the recent criticism of Tai Mei Li for being too bland, David said he did not make music to please his fans. Although some may not like his new album, David said he has also make many new fans judging from the ppl who told him that they only recently started listening to his music. This made David feel that his fans in Henan are able to appreciate music without prejudice.
When asked if he is considering filming a 'tragedy' like described in his song title 'Self-directed and self-acted tragedy', David said his first film will not be a tragedy or wuxia. He likes comedies but not the slapstick kind. He said he may even consider Henan as the location to film so they may see him again nxt year. Hope his guest appearance in Jolin's Shanghai concert went well with no forgetting lyrics. Really cannot understand how he can keep forgetting lyrics when he sing the same songs all the time. Maybe he IS getting old :P

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