Happiness is ...

Lately David has been using "Do you know what happiness is, David?" for his MSN personal msg. This line is from the movie Vanilla Sky. Hm ... seems he is really really really into movies. Anyway he is not very happy lately *why David? we still love you* ^__^ He feels some empathy with the movie Vanilla Sky as the main character is also called David & wore the same IWC watch, while the female character drove a similar car, Ford Mustang. While driving the car, she asked the David character the happiness question. He said that David appeared in 3 of his fav movies: Vanilla Sky, Artificial Intelligence & 2001: Space Odyssey. These 3 movies all have unexpected ending while all 3 David characters suffered from similiar loneliness. David said that he could find images of himself in all the 3 Davids. Seems he is really getting into directing gear, love him when he is so focused. Hope he finds his happiness soon maybe when he start making his film, he will find his first love & be happy again.
I think this is the IWC watch that he wears all the time. It must be quite monstrous as it looks huge on his wrist which is not small. I always notice the watch as its quite prominent. It looks so rite on him, so full of character. He also wears the same gold chain all the time & only takes it off for promo accessories. Its so much a part of him that he looks odd without it ^__^ I like that he wears the same watch & chain all the time. Kinda shows his steadfast character, vry honorable. Cos he has been travelling so often for Beautiful promo, David has made 2 new friends - room service & Mcdonalds *__* He can be so mature & childlike at the same time, vry adorable. Taking abt friends here's mv for Bibi's Don't love me as a friend & behind the scenes. Getting to like this song alot, very soothing & Bibi's voice is excellent.
EMI has announced that there will be no repackaging of Tai Mei Li but a new gift of a special David photo Memo will be given with new album purchase in TW. Not sure if its a photobook or just memo pad with David pixs. Anyway lucky TW fans!


udonotknowme1 said...

Hey, how'd you find out about the Msn message? That is so cool!

Zhao said...

Explain in shoutbox & above :D