China promo: Jiangxi

David appeared on Star face to face @ Jiangxi TV China. This is his 2nd time after The Great Leap promo. I think probably he enjoys the informal setting where he can get close to his fans. His fans were all vry passionate & kept yelling 'Tao Zhe jia yu' & 'Tao Zhe chen shuai' so David praised them as the most beautiful ^__^
The themes of the program was 'First kiss', 'Wedding Clothes', 'Proposal' & 'Bride' so David can share his experiences with his fans. David revealed that his first kiss was accidentally 'given away' in a bus. Not sure how old he was, probably vry young heehee
David was his usual humorous self & kept making the audience laugh. Cos of his director's dream, they specially prepared a skit with a couple using his songs - Can't get you outta my mind, Melody, Small town girl & Who do you love.
Before the program, David was interviewed & afterwards recorded online msg to wish everybody 'good health & happiness every day' *__* He looked so super shuai in his orange shirt, vry man!
Btw best wishes to our Thai & Taiwanese fans who are experiencing some political turmoil in their countries. Take great care & hope everything will turn up satisfactorily for all concerned.


zoe said...

thanks for the last note~!

I feel abosolutely frustrated during the past few days since Thailand turn into a 'military state' they shut down boards that express political views.. I don't trust what the media trying to fool us.. I can't even believe some ppl happy about this when we lose our freedom .. we r no better than Burma or Cambodia.. it sadden me that we r truly a 3rd world country!!! this event really prove something to me..

I kept listening to DT 'The Art of War' coz it kinda related, but actually I feel more like 'Black Tangerine' which doesn't really sooth the mood but what the hell.. I wanna scream 'Wang Ba Dan'!!! at those troops near my house.. imagine how one feel when someone with auto-gun marching down the street.. FEAR~!!!

I pray it will be all over soon... but I am depress nontheless...

rachel said...

i'm feeling very down recently and trying to cope with depression and frustration caused by sour events. DT music put me at ease ...

take good care of yourself ... the situation will get better, for sure.

Zhao said...

Dear Zoe & Rachel, my sincere sympathies to both of you. Hope the situation improve soon & there will be no more men with gun. Please do take care & keep us posted abt further development.