Jolin in the house

Sorry to be so misleading but I dun have his msn. I dun even know David has msn ^__^ Anyway the writer of this article which I transcripted probably has his msn. So tomorrow will be his last autograph session in TW then David will be heading back to China to guest in Jolin's concert & continue with his album promo till Oct where he will probably come here to rehearse for his KL concert. I read over at TW Yahoo grp that when asked when he will release Love Can concert dvd, David said that he is considering releasing a best of concert combining highlights of both Soul Power & Love Can concerts. I think that's a marvellous idea but it will have to wait until after the KL concert. So KL concertgoers, make sure you do yr bit so it will be included *__*
I still haven't seen Finally mv & no sight of it over @ youtube but I found this Marry me today cm for Tai Mei Li where it claimed the song came first in requests, ktv & downloads.

Below is fan vid of Karen singing Marry me today with David in her TP concert. The audience was singing so loudly that you could hardly hear them singing heehee

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