DT & million stars

DT arriving in style for the recording of 华人星光大道, Taiwan version of American Idols. Love those sunnies. Here's another pix: Watch the first episode here or here Really enjoyable. David was surprisingly the most lenient of the judges being often the first to press the buzzer. Love watching him being all serious & judgemental hee hee Can't wait for the second episode. Here's a promo pix: He looked incredibly young although he will be 42 in a few more days our birthday boy. There's a recent fabulous interview with him, will post that soon as it has quite interesting news of what he has been doing lately & gorgeous pixs. Here's an interesting article of President Ma making the effort to present GMA award to Taiwan's aboriginal singer. It mentioned that he shook hands with R&B musician David Tao. Also nice vid abt how best new artist William Wei was disappointed at not meeting DT during GMA & was delighted when David posted msg for him in Weibo to "keep in touch!". I gonna watch 华人星光大道 again cos it's just so great to watch & listen to DT on the screen. Add oil, dear David.


.henny. said...

Fei, it's 42, not 44. Please don't add to many numbers.. :D

Zhao said...

Sorry, amended the mistakes. Thanks Henny!