3 days to DT's birthday

DT will be 42 not 44, thanks Henny for pointing out mistake. Probably cos his birthdate is 7/11 so I type 44 instead of 42 so sorry. But he still looks young for his age. He has been vry active in his Weibo posting that he was performing in Lvliang in Shanxi Province on 7/6 where he has never been. Currently he is in Dongtai in Jiangsu Province, another place he has never been in China. Since he is managing himself, guess he can choose the places he perform. He also posted a really cute pix of himself in a car using his notebook & claiming that it was his mobile office. Then only a few hours ago he used Twitter to advertise 2nd hand furniture for sale. So anyone interested in getting a piece of David Tao's furniture?

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