1 day to DT's birthday

This birthday vid by his mainland China fanclub, davidtao.cn, should bring tears to DT's eyes. It certainly brought tears to mine. He has vry dedicated mainland fans even though he doesn't really go all out to woo them. Certainly his mandarin has improved a whole lot but he still peppered his speech with english phrases. His chinese fans really appreciate his western style of music & his thinking. DT has chosen a path where instead of more fame, more sale & more awards, he settles for less publicity & less limelight. He chooses to do the things he wants, compose the music he wants and live the life he wants. He is happier this way and is glad that he still able to support himself and his loved ones. I think his fans like me are so dedicated because they can feel his sincerity and passion. He has given us so many years of good music and we are grateful & willing to wait for what else he still has to give us.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the write up and vid link !!! Thanks so much, your blog really keeps me connected with DT :-)


Zhao said...

Thanks vry much beachgurl, hope everyone stays connected with DT.