A date with DT

DT did not appear in Million Stars on 7/17. Apparently he only records once a month so he will probably appear in next mth episodes. Sry will only post the vid when he appear, here's an uninterrupted vid of the 2nd epi on Youku. If you have cable in Singapore, the first epi started showing last Sunday on Cable 825 & 826. He was quite the Simon Cowell in the second half & really hurted one of the contestants when he criticised her for being 'flat'. Hope he will be more considerate next time as the girl cried for a whole nite. However really loved his camaraderie with Lin Xi when they high-fived after mowing down Xiao Pang for insulting a male contestant for not singing 'manly'. Probably will not watch any of the epis without him judging as honestly I am not really interested in these kind of shows.
DT being the busy bee again running around in China to appear in various largescale concerts boasting zillion of 'heavenly kings & queens'. Although still not too enthusiastic abt this hired singer gig, it does seem to be getting vry popular with other Taiwanese & HK singers as more & more of them are appearing in largescale concerts. I suppose it must pay well as the tickets are not cheap & also an extremely great way of getting in touch with your fans without the huge expense of a solo concert.
On 7/17, DT went for a recording of A Date with Lu Yu. He had appeared in this interview program once before. His fans reported that he looked extremely slim & charming. Lately a lot of his chinese female fans kept saying that he is 'shuai', maybe his older masculine charm is overwhelming them *_* Anyway he sang an acoustic version of Regular Friends still sounding exactly like in his CD. He then said that he was extremely moved by his mainland fans filming his birthday vid & reminding him that his music is still very much in their lives making him determined never to give up music (very emotional after hearing that, GO DT!). The chinese artist who has a great influence in his life is still Luo Dayu & his favorite song is still from the Beatles - All you need is love. He also talked abt his dad, his childhood, his guitar. He would like a simple wedding ceremony where he & his fans sing Marry Me Today together -- vry sweet! He also showed a music video he directed for another artist when he was twenty. Wow look forward to that. This program is usually on Phoenix Cable 805 so I will look out for it but hopefully it will be posted online soon.

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