4 days to DT's birthday

Doesn't he look like a music producer here? Yeah, this is one of DT's many roles now as he has his own independent company called 伟大音乐 which has offices in three countries. I am guessing Taiwan, Singapore & China. Not sure the english name but roughly translated it would be Brave or Courageous Music. Interestingly the phonetics of the chinese name, Weida, when reversed sound like David - Dawei - in chinese. Not sure if that's deliberate. These gorgeous pixs appeared in this online article abt David. There's not much new abt his past history but at the end, it talked abt David's new company which is a music management company as well as film and television production. During his interview for Million Stars, he did say that he will be looking for new talents to sign up. So being a judge for 华人星光大道 looked like a right move for him as it would be thru his company & most likely a partnership with Million Stars to sign up & release album for the winner. Also it looks like the rumour that he signed up rock band The Mushrooms may well be true
The Mao show has The Mushrooms, Shanghai's breakout band that were signed to David Tao's indie label.
So now he can add 'indie music producer' to his curriculum vitae & probably soon 'indie film producer/director' *__* He seems to be managing The Mushrooms in China vry nicely too with quite a few live performances & already garnering recognition without even releasing an album. I do think it's a smart move on his part to start his own film production company seeing as the huge success of Nic Tse's film production company in Hong Kong would probably have raised interest among many investors. Clever of DT to get in early into this lucrative market. It would also be easier for him when making his own movie & hopefully releasing another album in the future. His performance in 华人星光大道 was I think quite good. He was probably the most 'businesslike' of the judges approving contestants he felt could sing quickly as it was only the first round. I think he will get more critical in the later rounds. His comments were also vry realistic, to the point & usually centering around the contestants' ability to sing as this is first & foremost a singing contest. He got a bit testy with one of the judges giving the last chance to a contestant who cannot sing to save her life only because she is a songwriter. In that case, shouldn't she enter a songwriting contest? David of cos kindheartedly gave the contestant who could actually sing his saving star although being David, he did chastised her for not giving her all when singing a song with soul. So DT!

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